Available for Festivals in 2015: Smooth Criminals

Donna Marie für Sylvester Show in Indonesien bestätigt.

Smooth Criminals Headliner am 02.05.2015 SPA Tribute Festival (BE)

Wir freuen uns auf ein weiteres Highlight in 2015. Smooth Criminals sind als Headliner auf dem SPA Tribute Festival bestätigt.

Smooth Criminals

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Smooth Criminals kommen am 16.05.2015 wieder nach Luxemburg

Eine weitere Show wurde heute bestätigt. Am 16.05.2015 geht es ins Casino 2000 in Bad Mondorf(LU).

AAOO Concerts begrüßt: Muse by Museum

Und schon wieder eine Coverband ? Nein Museum sind mehr.  Wir freuen uns auf die Zusammenarbeit.

Cannon Ball jetzt exklusiv bei uns im Booking

Eine Band, die SUPERTRAMP so perfekt covern, dass man sie vom Original kaum unterscheiden kann. Die sechs Jungs sind im Moment die wohl authentischste Supertramp Tribute Band Europas. Schließt man bei Songs wie Logical Song oder Bloody Well Right die Augen, kann man sich Roger Hodgson beziehungsweise Rick Davis nicht nur vorstellen, man spürt, hört und fühlt sie buchstäblich in jedem Ton und in jeder Oktave.

Wir freuen uns auf eine lange, erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.

P!NK DE LUXE Headliner am 16.05.2015 Propsteifestival Fulda

AAOO Concerts Foto
16. Mai 2015
Propstei Festival Fulda

Typically Tina will be appearing at The Legends Show in Blackpool 2015!

Foto: So very excited to announce that Typically Tina will be appearing at The Legends Show in Blackpool 2015!

Take That Tribute Band meet The Real TAKE THAT

Well there you go! What did everyone think? Hope you all enjoyed the show and didn’t think we came across too bad!

It was such a crazy situation. As we were taken to our seats there was a certain adrenaline that kicks in. It suddenly dawned on us that not only will we be meeting and speaking to Take That… but there’s a chance that everything we say will get aired to millions of people. pretty scary though!

We had 4 seats set aside with our names on and then nervously awaited the beginning of the show. To start with there was a warm up compere that got the audience into the spirit of things – not that they needed warming up too much as the room was full with plenty of excited Take That fans!

The show got under way and Graham was brilliant! Soon he was joined by top celebrities Nicole Kidman, Julie Walters and Hugh Bonneville. It was great getting to watch the show and seeing the interview. The guests were all brilliant and it was crazy to have such A List celebrities sat chatting just footsteps away from us!

At times I almost forgot why we were there and the nerves went away as we just sat watching and enjoying the show. Then waves would hit me reminding me we were there for a very special reason.

Eventually Take That came out and did their thing. The interview was going brilliant and we were so worried that we would end up messing our bit up. Before we knew it we’d reached the moment where Graham Norton was giving us the cue line – “I feel sorry for the Take That tribute bands out there”.

As soon as Dan spoke, the real Gary Barlow said “He talks like me”.