PUR Tribute – Adventure Land

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“Listening to a PUR song shortens life expectancy by an average of five minutes.”

Hardly any band is discussed as controversially as PUR.
Nevertheless, with over 12 million records sold and sold out tours, PUR are one of the most successful, if not the most successful, German bands.
Since almost 15 years there is the alternative for all PUR concert addicts, who don’t want to miss PUR during the famous and much too long PUR concert breaks: Abenteuerland – The PUR Coverband. Adventure Land – The PUR cover band is the authentic PUR show, variably structured with musicians who have accompanied PUR on their tours for several years, a headliner for every event and a must for every real PUR fan.
Adventure Land – The PUR cover band takes you on its own journey from “Dragons should fly”, “Lena” “When she hears this tango” to “Sparkling pearl eyes.”
“You can flip, dart, fly and get the biggest horse. You can dance, stagger, dream. “
This tribute band pays homage to the most successful German band.
We are the management of Abenteuerland and look forward to your inquiries and offers.

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