AC / DC Tribute – Ballbreakers

The Sound of AC/DC

Ballbreakers bring the show of the Australian cult band live on stage.
Original equipment as well as a round mixture of own gimmicks and interludes guarantee an AC/DC show like no other tribute band can offer: Razor-sharp guitar riffs, pounding beats and vocals straight from hell!
Ballbreakers pure Rock’n’Roll hits the audience immediately, and makes every event an unforgettable AC/DC – night…

Video Hells Bells

“Rock thunder like from the Australian original
Some claim there’s more AC/DC in them than in the original…”
Düsseldorf Express
“Already almost fussy close to the original”.
Westfälischer Anzeiger
We thank Malcolm for the music.
“He leaves behind a tremendous legacy that will live on forever.”

Einige Fotos

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