Adventure land for PUR fans

Cover band played in KuBa Kulturhalle

Wolfenbüttel. Probably no other German band polarizes as much as Pur. Either you like them, or you can’t do anything with their music at all. But without a doubt Pur is one of the most successful German bands. So successful that it is covered – by “Abenteuerland-Die PUR Coverband”, which hit the nerve of around 100 Pur addicts in a rush at the KuBa Kulturhalle in Wolfenbüttel at the weekend.

Pur’s hits are catchy tunes that everyone has heard before. From the beginning, people danced along to the familiar melodies and rhythmically tapped their feet. Beaming joyful faces among the visitors, who could fly, flip, dance, tumble and dream in their minds. It quickly became clear that for PUR fans the cover band is a must. And the outfit of the musicians also matched – long colorful uniform jackets pointed to the original. No sooner had the first notes of frontman Carsten Siebert sounded than the musicians’ hearts began to fly. Because the singer comes vocally close to the original of PUR, Hartmut Engler. The fans were in a good mood, even the men in the audience sang along with the hits, even if a bit restrained. (…)

(Braunschweiger Zeitung, 23.11.2010)

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