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With beats that go through marrow and leg and tender rock ballads, “Touch of Toto” from the Netherlands thrills the rock fans in front of the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad. Photo: a.ber

Bad Homburg (a.ber). “Wow, Bad Homburg, what a wonderful day!” The guitarist of the band “Touch of Toto” was thrilled: Many hundreds of rock fans had gathered in front of the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad to experience the “Monday Party” of the Bad Homburg summer in pleasant temperatures. Already an hour before the concert started, families and friends picnicked on the lawns, and everything the orchard had to offer was enjoyed: bowls full of cherries and raspberries, sugared strawberries, and a glass of prosecco to go with it, also sausages and beer – the people of Homburg and many visitors from the Hochtaunus district enjoyed themselves, and the mood was great when the rock band “Touch of Toto” kicked off.

Many visitors were able to sing along to the songs of the cover band, as “Touch of Toto” has dedicated itself entirely to the classics of the legendary rock band “Toto”, which was founded in America in 1976, became a multiple Grammy winner in the USA and also caused a sensation in Europe in the 1980s. And “Touch of Toto,” the eight-piece tribute band from the Netherlands, offered a version of the Totos in their outfit, decor and instrumentation that came very close to the original.

The singer and the vocalist in black clothes, the pianist with a high top hat behind his black piano, a terrific acting drummer – “Touch of Toto” offered best rock for two hours with songs like “Hold The Line”, “Rosanna” and “Stop Lovin’ You”. Especially the slow, lyrical rock ballads, sensitively accompanied by the band’s keyboardist, delighted the audience.

The fact that the free outdoor concerts in front of the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad are so well attended, that people feel comfortable in the green backdrop of the spa park and start talking about the music and the memories associated with it, shows how much the Bad Homburg Summer events contribute to successful communication among the citizens of the spa town.

Source: Taunus Nachrichten

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