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1992 – 2022 – 30 YEARS ON TOUR
“Their show is absolutely stunning,” said Allan Williams (first manager of the Beatles). “I heard the real Beatles again after 50 years,” was his emotional comment. The Beatles Tribute Show worked with him during the John Lennon Memorial in Liverpool.
“I was so moved when I heard them play in Liverpool, they are absolutely perfect,” said Alistair Taylor (former secretary of the Beatles) during their concert at the Liverpool Adelphi
The Beatles Tribute Show has been around for 30 years now. During these years the band has played over 3800 shows all over the world!
– booked by Dutch soccer player Ruud van Nistelrooij for his wedding reception 2004
– booked by Hamburg legend Horst Fascher, owner of the famous Star Club in Hamburg, for a reconstruction of the Roof Top Concert.
– booked for the birthday celebration of the British Queen Elizabeth II in June 2006
– booked by the hockey players of the NHL club Chicago Black Hawks for the Stanley Cup Party 2013

Promo Video

Sir Paul McCartney himself with Beatles revival singer/guitarist Ludek.

The Beatles Tribute Show uses its own backline
– Original VOX amplifiers, original guitars and drums
– uses own vintage microphones, stands
– uses its own mixing console
– only one connection to the PA system is required
George Harrison – Per Buquist – originally from Malmö, Sweden. He is an absolute guitarist! He knows all of George’s solos and vocals and all Beatles connoisseurs always admire his great feeling and unique guitar technique. He joined the band in 2003 in Liverpool during the Beatleweek festival, as the former George went to India at that time. Several American Beatles tribute bands wanted him to play with them, but he loves playing in Europe as George from The Beatles Tribute Show.
In his spare time, he tours with various American and Canadian rock bands as a guest guitarist when they are in Europe. His guitar and vocals can also be heard on the records of many artists, as he is often hired as a studio musician.
John Lennon – Ludek Maulis – owner of Lennon’s typical raspy voice. He is the leader on stage and his sense of humor pleases people all over Europe. He began playing in various Beatles bands in Manchester, UK, where he worked for British Airways in the early 1990s.
Ringo Starr – Geert van der Sraat – He is the real Ringo – a real drummer! As a child he lived with his parents in Little Rock – Arkansas (USA) and started playing drums at the age of 5. He gave his first public concert in a rock band at the age of 11. When he was 12 years old, his mother moved to Würzburg and he played drums in a brass band there. In 1992, he moved to Prague in the Czech Republic to study percussion at the Conservatory. In 2002 he met Ludek there and joined him in the Beatles Tribute Show. And since 2002, his perfect drum beat has been the heart of the band.
Paul McCartney – Zbynek Maulis – if Geert is the heart of the band, Zbynek is the brain of the Beatles tribute show. He learned to play left-handed bass because he is Paul’s role model. He can also play guitar and drums and can be seen at the piano playing the famous songs Hey Jude and Let It Be. He knows all the vocal and instrumental parts of every Beatles song. If you give him an instrument, he can play it in 10 minutes. He is Ludek’s brother, and they have been playing Beatles music since they were children, as their father was a member of the Beatle band in the 1970s. Zbynek lives on his farm in a village near Prague in the Czech Republic and works as a producer for record companies in his spare time.
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