Boys Named Sue

You’re not copying Johnny Cash.

They honor the Man in Black and play his music. Boys Named Sue is the Johnny Cash tribute band.
Everyone loves cash. Young and old sing along to Cash’s songs. With their energy and enthusiasm, the 5 musicians turn every performance into a big party. The band plays everywhere: in pubs, at festivals, in theaters, at weddings and parties.
Boys Named Sue don’t blindly play Cash’s songs. Johnny Cash is unique, special and cannot be imitated. The energy, excitement, rebellion and emotion that Cash evoked can be found in an appearance by Boys Named Sue.
These men, who have long been boys, know what they’re doing. They have existed since 2001 and are the longest running tribute band for Johnny Cash. They show all facets of Johnny Cash: the country cash, the rocking cash, the gospel cash and the American Recordings cash. Experience the formative rock, the gospel and the land of our common hero, because:

Everyone loves cash.

A few years ago they released the live DVD ‘Live in Prison’ (sold out). Imprisoned in the former Blokhuispoort prison, Leeuwarden. This year they released the CD The CASH recordings.



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