Eiselmeyer – Herbert Groenemeyer Tribute

Herbert Grönemeyer has been inspiring the German-speaking world with his music and above all with his very own, unmistakable singing since the early 1980s. Many millions of recordings have been sold, countless sold-out concert halls and stadiums in Germany, Switzerland and Austria bear witness to his unbroken popularity. Hardly any other artist has managed to be so successful over such a long period of time. Milestones were certainly the beginnings, the unplugged appearance as the first German artist on MTV and the radiant comeback in 2002 after his personal strokes of fate.
Who doesn’t know hits like “Music, only when it’s loud”, “Mensch” or “Men”? Hasn’t he already dreamed of “Halt mich” during ballads or mourned with “Plane im Belly”?
Playing this music without stupidly copying or imitating the artist, but quite the opposite, based on the original and interpreting these songs independently – that is the goal of “Eiselmeyer”.
This is also reflected in the composition of this formation – top-class musicians who are active in many well-known bands. “Eiselmeyer” affords the unusual luxury of two drummers: Rainer Dettling serves the “normal” acoustic drum set, Christof Kölsch percussions and e-drums.
Christoph Vieregg plays the bass, Jan David and Patrick Morio are responsible for the guitar work, Angie Weiss for the saxophone and Christian Hammer for the keyboards.
We complete the whole thing with namesake and singer Markus Eisel. For many years he has been interpreting songs by Herbert Grönemeyer for bands such as “saftWERK” or “Brass Machine”, so that over time he has been nicknamed “Eiselmeyer”. So the band name was quickly found.
“Eiselmeyer” – this is an evening with the music of Herbert Grönemeyer and at the same time a journey through the last almost 30 years.
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