Genesis Tribute Band- Get’em out

In 2005 Get’em out, a band of five musicians with a passion for Genesis, started an ambitious project to recreate the magical atmosphere of their music when Peter Gabriel was still the frontman and lead singer of Genesis.

The meticulous search for the same sound and dynamics as the original studio recordings, the use of vintage instruments and effects, the meticulous recreation of the original music, vocal scores and theatrical costumes and make-up have made Get’em Out one of the most respected bands on the Italian music scene.

Get’em Out present their shows mainly in theaters and big pubs in Northern Italy; among others Get’em out are proud to present their shows on stages like Blue Note (Milan, Italy) and Spirit of 66 (Verviers, Belgium).
Currently the following shows are played:
1) Foxtrot Live – (period 1970-71)
2) Selling England by the Pound – The black show – (period 1972-73)
3) The Gabriel Era Live – A show that includes most of Genesis’ progressive masterpieces (1970-1975).
Get’em out

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