Herbert Grönemeyer Tribute – Eiselmeyer

Ein Abend mit der Musik von Herbert Grönemeyer

Herbert Grönemeyer has been inspiring the German-speaking world with his music and above all with his very own, unmistakable singing since the early 1980s. Many millions of records sold, countless sold-out hall and stadium concerts through Germany, Switzerland and Austria testify to his unbroken popularity. Hardly any artist has managed to be so successful over so many years.

To replay Herbert Grönemeyer’s music without mindlessly copying or imitating the artist, but, on the contrary, to interpret these songs independently, based on the original – that is the goal of the cover band “Eiselmeyer”. This is also reflected in the composition of this formation – top-class musicians who are active in many well-known bands.

For many years Markus Eisel has been interpreting songs by Herbert Grönemeyer in bands like “saftWERK” or “Brass Machine” (until the end of 2008), so that he got the nickname “Eiselmeyer” in the course of time. So the band name was quickly found.
Eiselmeyer – that is an evening with the music of Herbert Grönemeyer, many surprises and a time travel through the last almost 30 years.

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