Kieran as Sheeran

With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, 2 Grammies and 4 Brit Awards, Ed Sheeran is one of the greatest singer / songwriters of our time. With songs like “Shape of you”, “Thinking out loud”, “Castle on the Hill” or “I see Fire”, he conquered the charts and the hearts of fans around the world.

“Kieran is without a doubt the closest sound to Ed Sheeran!”

With live acoustic guitar playing, an accurate reproduction of the sounds and the cheeky charm of the real Ed, Kieran is the must-see of the year.

Kieran plays and sings completely live and is considered the number 1 soundalike! He plays a lot of songs on the loop board and also with a live band if desired to give you a fantastic show!

Book now and have the best Ed Sheeran tribute act perform at your next event!


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