New Jersey

Founded and leaded by Matteo and Alessio Gattei brothers active since 2007, the band has performed all over Europe and affirmed itself internationally as the most “close to the real thing” Bon Jovi Tribute Band.

Their show is a distinctive mixture of powerful rock and adrenaline with cleverly interspersed moments of sweet romance, all in all played with the excellent accuracy note for note and the amazing “look & feel”, which guarantees to convey the same strong emotions to the audience as the original. With over 100 songs in the repertoire, New Jersey’s setlist is always varied and will delight even the most discerning fans.

In addition to their main show, New Jersey also have different acoustic versions of their show in stock, as a full band and “Jon & Richie” style, which enables them to meet the various demands of organizers in terms of budget, cast / space and volume to become.

New Jersey are available for shows worldwide and have performed in: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria and Estonia.

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