Nod Stewart & The Faces

A band with the same raw energy and brutality, interspersed with fragile emotions, bundled in the always recognizable sound of Stewart.
Close your eyes and you are suddenly back to your 70s, 80s and 90s. Nod Stewart & The Faces isn’t just any tribute band that plays the repertoire well. They know how to capture the core and energy down to the very last note, but as a fan of the first hour they are also able to go on musical excursions that stay totally in style. If you combine this with their decades-long musical career with well-known acts at home and abroad, then the recipe for a delicious tribute band is there.
In other words: love and energy paired with craftsmanship.
All hits from The Faces and Rod Solo will of course be heard. And to reinforce the reunion feeling, they are interspersed here and there with slightly lesser-known songs that Rod is close to, as we know from well-informed circles.
The band members played with: Golden Earring, I’ve got the Bullets, Rick DeVito, Focus, Charlie Dée, Guus Meeuwis, George Kooymans and Frank Carillo and many others.
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