Pink deLuxe

P! NK is considered one of the most breathtaking live performers of their generation.

On the Funhouse Tour and Summer Carnival Tour 2009/2010, P! NK gave 194 concerts around the world and performed in front of 2.9 million spectators, more than half a million of them in Germany alone.

There is hardly any other P! NK tribute act in the world that is as accurate and breathtaking as it is “P! NK Deluxe” . With 100% live singing and sophisticated choreography, this show meets all expectations. The P! Nk actress Erika has mastered the powerful vocal technique and the attitudes of P! NK and the band consists of the most experienced international tour musicians.

Innovative, exciting, sexy … one of the best live shows ever. You close your eyes and think it’s pink, you open your eyes and …

The show has a modular structure and can be booked in the following variants.

1. Pink actress + 4 musicians

2. Pink actress + 4 musicians + 2 backing vocals

3. Pink actress + 4 musicians + 2 dancers (aerial silk) + 1 technician +1 choreographer



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