Rea Garvey is currently probably the most popular Irishman among Germans and an indispensable part of our music and media world. He has been delighting his listeners with his great songs for almost two decades at concerts and countless radio and television events.

REAmade brings the music and the unique atmosphere of these performances to the stage with great passion and energy. With his charismatic voice and an almost unbelievable stage presence, the singer Marc Wolf succeeds in captivating the audience from the first minute of the show. In keeping with the model, there are short, entertaining statements that involve listeners of all generations in the action and thus ensure an unforgettable, warm and amiable atmosphere.

REAmade plays Rea Garvey’s numerous old and new hits in an absolutely professional and personable way. The accomplished and experienced musicians create a great, folky, pop and rock concert evening with authentic sounds, polyphonic singing, a stage set based on the original and a rousing show!

“It was a successful show and had the same motto as Rea Garvey’s: You should love, hug, dance and be happy!” (Bü

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