Robbie Williams Tribute – No Regrets

… when searching the most wanted entertainer of our today’s world we are lead to Robert Peter Williams, the Grammy award-nominated former member of the pop band Take That who sold more albums in the UK than any other british artist. The band has been considered Germany’s best Robbie Williams tribute band for years. The german band no regrets was founded in 2003 and is currently the most established and best respected Robbie Williams tribute band in Germany.
Lead singer Carsten Heinze performs with the same energy and charisma as Robbie Williams and his famous live show. He is absolutely capable of being the ideal substitute for the well-known british entertainer. He always manages to combine authenticity and confident performance in an appealing way. The amazing resemblance to the world star then finally makes every show perfect – Carsten Heinze is now considered the German Robbie Williams.
The band of course has all the hits and the famous duets (“ Kids “With Kylie Minogue or” Something stupid “ with Nicole Kidman) as well as classics from Williams’ time Take that in ther set list
In addition to the rock show aimed at major events, we have also been offering something very special since 2007:
NoRegrets Acoustic
Experience an incomparable performance when the pure energy of the band merges with the expression of a top-class string quartet. Rock meets classic at its best! Let yourself be carried away into new dimensions of sound and enjoy a unique music experience!
Carsten Heinze and up to 13 other professional musicians (including from the Braunschweig State Orchestra) present the entertainer’s songs in a completely new guise – breathtakingly arranged and perfectly staged!
On request (or if the budget requires it) this show can also be performed without additional instrumentalists.

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