The Adele Project

Adele is officially the best-selling musician in the world.

Her video for “Hello” received 1 billion views within 87 days, the current album sold 2.3 million times in three days. She is currently breaking one record after another. The album “25” is the “global sensation of 2015” and Adele’s performance is “phenomenal”.

“Jolanda’s voice and body language connect emotionally with the audience”

The ADELE project, a tribute to one of the most amazing stars of all time. As of 2014, The ADELE Project has more than 50 shows with great success in the Benelux. Miss Jolanda Knecht is sensational and her performance was called ‘The best Adele sound and doppelganger in Europe’. Her strength lies in the fact that she (like Adele) is really capable of being emotionally involved with the audience. The live show (with full band backup, amazing visuals and magical light show) takes the audience on a journey through Adele’s 3 studio albums and live performances. The band around Jolanda Knecht consists of 6 extremely talented musicians with a lot of experience. They come from different backgrounds like jazz, rock, blues and pop, they really are the backbone of the show. During the show they merge and raise Jolanda’s voice to the highest possible level

“Spectacular, astonishing and breathtaking”

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