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Whether he’s playing his Latin rock, poppy, soulful, bluesy or jazzy, there’s one thing that guitar legend Carlos Santana’s music and his distinctive sound has always been said to be over the course of his 50+ year career – that it’s magical!

No wonder that Gerd Schlüter christened his band THE MAGIC OF SANTANA in 2010… For more than 13 years, the Hamburg Santana fan and guitarist has been bringing the music of his idol to international stages. 

THE MAGIC OF SANTANA is reinforced by legendary SANTANA vocalists Alex Ligertwood (1979 to 1994) and 11-time Grammy winner Tony Lindsay (1995 to 2015). 

After performances all over Europe THE MAGIC OF SANTANA, is considered the best Santana band in this genre!

Featuring seven professional musicians, all united by a passion for this energetic music, and original members of SANTANA, their vibrant shows play their way across the Mexican guitarist’s unique repertoire. 

Nobody can sit still when THE MAGIC OF SANTANA with three percussionists rock the stage with raw Latin rock classics like “Jingo”, “Soul Sacrifice”, “Oye Como Va” or “Evil Ways”. And no one is left untouched when soulful melodies like “Somewhere in Heaven”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Europa” or “Samba Pa Ti” are played.

THE MAGIC OF SANTANA convinces with great joy of playing and gives everything at their performances. 

THE MAGIC OF SANTAN always play with their own signature, but without disregarding the original.

Experience a magical evening with THE MAGIC OF SANTANA!


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