The Quarrymen Beatles

One of the most booked Beatles tribute shows are “The Quarrymen Beatles “on the road all over Europe and prove that they can do more than just cover Beatles songs. In the style of the original, they let the audience experience a coherent and unforgettable Beatles evening.

The reason for the growing popularity is their incredible resemblance to the real Beatles: the mushroom head hairstyles, correct clothing, Höfner violin bass , Gretsch and Rickenbacker Guitars, a Ludwig Downbeat Drum set from 1964, old Vox amplifier . The greatest similarity, however, is in the musical field. Every song is reproduced in detail, creepily perfected, so that some Beatles connoisseurs cannot distinguish this authentic sound from the original.

“The Quarrymen Beatles ”has been around for 15 years. The current line-up was put together in 2019 by the band’s founder Christian Josef. These musicians have already played in various Beatles musicals, they come from well-known Beatles cover bands and bring huge Beatles experience to the stage.

Each actor goes into his full role, from the profound John to the charmer Paul and the quiet George to the always cheerful Ringo , that’s “The Quarrymen Beatles”!

“The Quarrymen Beatles” are the best of the best.

Quarrymen was the first band by John Lennon named after the The Quarry Bank High school where he met Paul and George. So everything took its course back then.

The Quarrymen Beatles “go back to the beginning of Beatles history by their band name and they take you back to the time when the music of the Beatles revolutionized the music world – forever !!

That’s why the guys regularly hear after their concerts: “You are like the real ones!”

A Beatles tribute band can hardly be given higher praise!

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