Touch of Toto

Touch of Toto

After a year of great shows and full halls in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Europe’s NO.1 TOTO Tribute a whole new show!

In their new show “From Africa to Michael Jackson” Touch of Toto pay tribute to more than 40 years of Toto.

In addition to the world hits by Toto, they play hits that Toto had a hand in.

You know them all! – An evening full of appreciation and joy!

Both sonically and visually, they approach Toto like no other. Clothing, instruments, amplifiers and instrumentation (including 2 keyboards / percussion) … they try to bring their performance as close as possible to the original.

Touch of Toto consists of very experienced musicians and singers, all of whom are huge Toto fans without exception.

One thing is certain: at a ‘Touch of Toto’ concert, you hear, see and experience Toto!

And what does Steve Pocaro (founder of Toto) say about Touch of Toto:


Touch of Toto are exclusively for Germany in our booking, we look forward to your inquiries and offers.

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