Vogue Madonna

Since 2000, Elly has been paying tribute to the incredible Queen of Pop along with a talented team of musicians and dancers in the show Vogue Madonna.

MADONNA the changeable, MADONNA who reinvents itself again and again. Her charisma is tremendous, her voice unmistakable, her artistic achievement unsurpassed and her live performance is overwhelming. Bringing us all the biggest hits from Madonna’s phenomenal 35 years of world domination, the voice, the moves and the image are all perfectly recreated with a performance so full of power, nostalgia and fun that it reminds us all why Madonna is the biggest selling female artist of all time.

Vogue Madonna goes into the smallest detail in her spectacular stage show. The voice, the movements and the picture are perfectly recreated by the creepy Elly Jarmain. She is supported by a unique band and team of dancers who remind us all why Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time.

The show, complete with stunning video projection * of rotating disco balls, crucifixes, rodeo drivers, conical bras … is based on the sold out tours of the Queen of Pop, so be prepared for all the iconography! In fact, this show generates such enthusiasm that the audience often shows up in Madonna outfits themselves!

Elly touches the heart of the 80s with Like A Virgin, Material Girl and Like A Prayer. They lure us onto the dance floor with Vogue and the New Age Ray Of Light. She entices us to the dance floor with Vogue, gallops on into the noughties with Music, finally launching into more modern chart successes: Hung Up and 4 Minutes.

It’s Madonna – how she was and how she is. and the great musicians make it clear why, despite the Material Girl’s usual association with pop, Vogue Madonna has been rocking and selling out around the world for over twenty years. Their impressive clients include industry giants like Microsoft and HSBC, and they regularly attend events for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy and Versace. ”

If you are desperately looking for great entertainment …. book the Vogue Madonna and

“Get Into the Groove!”

* If lighting conditions and budget allow the use of a large screen and video projection.


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