A journey to the “Adventure Land

Beckum (egg) – “Abenteuerland” – the song text of “Pur” did not only give the name to this cover band, it was program at the appearance of “Abenteuerland” on Beckums market place. The five-piece band from Braunschweig with frontman Carsten Siebert gave the audience a journey into the land of emotions

Anyone who covers “Pur” has successful songs on their set list. He has an easy time with the fans of the original, one of the most successful German bands. Provided you’re good enough to get close enough to that original, like “Adventure Land.” There was hardly any need for the colored uniform jackets, with which the band reminded of the outfit of the idols.

Carsten Siebert and the band quickly had the pleasantly densely packed with music fans marketplace under control. In no time at all, the distance between the edge of the stage and the first spectators, which was always the case in the beginning, had disappeared. Were many quickly enthusiastic listeners in rhythmic motion, swinging arms and hands above their heads with Siebert. And because many of Pur’s songs are simply catchy tunes, the audience sang along loudly and confidently with lyrics whose popularity apparently cuts across all age groups.

However, there was no denying what Carsten Siebert noted: the general enthusiasm gripped the female part of the audience more than that of the men. Perhaps this is due to the content of the songs: they deal with deep and not so deep feelings, pearl eyes, togetherness and longing. And perhaps the reaction to this was more restrained among the men than among their female companions. At least on the outside.

(The Bell 24.07.2011)

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