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50 years of ABBA, 50 years of pop history. When the song “Waterloo” was chosen as the final winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, England, in 1974, the success story of a band began that has become one of the most successful pop groups in music history over the following decades, selling around 400 million records.
The greatest hits from ABBA – “Mamma Mia”, “Dancing Queen” and “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” – are still familiar to everyone almost 50 years after their breakthrough. With their current hologram show “ABBA Voyage” in London, the band is also setting tomorrow’s trends today.

With an incredible legacy of timeless melodies and their undeniable place in music history, the legend of ABBA lives on.

The Swedish supergroup is as popular today as it was in its heyday in the 1970s; its classic pop songs and dance floor beats are now familiar to several generations. Never in the history of pop music has a group been so celebrated and revered!
ABBA disbanded in 1982 – their music lives on through ABBA CZ.
ABBACZ stands for glitter and glamor, Waterloo and The Winner Takes It All, first-class performance and high entertainment value. A great stage show, with detailed choreographies, glamorous outfits and a live band at the absolute top level create wonderful moments.
Everything Abba.CZ plays is 100% LIVE! Something that cannot be said about every Abba tribute band. No playbacks are used. The band manages to effortlessly reproduce the wonderful sound that is still in our heads.
Of course, the band’s repertoire also includes the biggest hits. But the band has also decided to add some lesser known but more interesting “appetizers” to their repertoire.
ABBA.CZ – Abba Revival is ABBA, as everyone remembers the band: a band with an overwhelming sound and countless world hits that are played in a dazzling way.

ABBA.CZ means that ABBA is back!

Abba CZ are exclusively with us in the booking, we look forward to your inquiries and offers.

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