AC/DC Tribute Band – AC/DX

Die ultimative AC/DC Rockshow

AC/DC Tribute Band - AC/DX 1
Other bands play electric guitars – AC/DX. are true energy!
Who does not know them? Bon Scott, Angus Young, Brian Johnson – the gods of rock’n’roll from down under. Songs of the caliber of “Thunderstruck”, “Highway To Hell” or “Hells Bells” have earned them a place in the musical Olympus. But Australia is far and the troop is not often on the road . Darben is the order of the day for the real fan. Or is it? Five guys from the Upper Palatinate set out to live up to the legacy of their idols:
“AC/DX. live and celebrate the original like no other!”
Well, some other competing combos – of which there seem to be a lot – may claim that, but only the creative rockers around AC/DX. can prove this musically as well as show-technically!
– Where else are real cannons fired to `For those about to rock`?
– Who else – except the original – hammers ‘live-like’ with hammer & gall on the bells of darkness?
– Who else blows a bagpipe to ‘It’s a long way to the top’ and throws the band’s own banknotes into the roaring crowd along with a meet & greet?
– Who also still lets reverently the hell steam in the air suitable to all the hell spectacle?
– And who the hell can present the unique eye-catcher of a monstrous as well as funny, but just alive “Rosie” on stage?
Exactly, not even the original! Hopefully Angus & Co won’t look at this idea at AC/DX. from ?!
“AC/DX. bring the air to a boil, a living Tesla coil in musical form. The great classics of the Australians are not simply played 1:1, each song unfolds its pure magic thanks to the unique visual and musical implementation, as you usually only get to feel in large stadiums!
For Those About To Rock – AC/DX. Salute You!

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