Adventure land in Stuckenbrock

The Pur cover band “Abenteuerland” plays in the Eventhalle Niebel. The musicians from Braunschweig give themselves close to the fan and authentic. Guests want the pure classics.
Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. Women’s Carnival? It is played pure. Student party? Sometime after two in the morning comes the “Pur-Hitmix”. Grandma’s 65th birthday? Pur runs up and down. “Pur is a cult band. It just has to run,” says Michael Westermeier. Holter’s voice is already hoarse during the break. Everyone can sing along with the soft rock lyrics of the old Pur classics.
This heated up the atmosphere in the Eventhalle Niebel. Abenteuerland”, Germany’s first and only Pur cover band, played there. The five guys from Braunschweig in Lower Saxony performed the biggest hits of the Swabians: “Wenn sie diesen Tango hört”, “Drachen sollen fliegen” and “Abenteuerland” were of course on the set list. When Abenteuerland plays, “people always want to hear the classics,” says Carsten Heinze, lead singer of the formation. “Pur somehow always works out, no matter where we go,” says guitarist Stephan Koopmann.
Is that right? Yes, definitely. During the intermission, a group of women chatted about the concert. “We’re hoping there will be some more old stuff that we can sing along to.” Cornelia Caruso specifically wanted “old classics”.

“We’re hoping there’s some more old stuff coming that we can sing along to”.

During the second half of the concert, there were repeated chants of “Lena” in the audience. “Lena” was Pur’s first song in the German singles charts in 1991, and to this day it’s a tune that automatically gets your legs into discofox.
Pure? “I heard that when I was young,” Tania Meyer told me. She went into raptures: “When the singer presents, he has a similar voice to Hartmut Engler. Very authentic.” Thorsten Niebel also agreed. “I like the whole combo. My gut tells me this is what no one was waiting for and now it’s good.” The concertgoers were satisfied in any case: “It’s nice that something like this is offered here in Stukenbrock,” said Sabine Mende. “The mood is good, especially we are in a good mood,” said Anne Eller full of exuberant enthusiasm. The band’s closeness to the audience certainly contributed to this. Singer Carsten Heinze did not play with the audience, he involved them. In the second half, he sat on the edge of the stage, taking selfies with fans during the song. A little later, the audience was even allowed to sing into the microphone when Heinze mingled with them. After all, everyone knew the text.
After two and a half hours – “Lena” was of course the last song in the program – and two encores, it was closing time. The band thanked the “fantastic” audience, the more than 250 fans thanked “Abenteuerland” with long applause.

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