Tribute bands

The Belgian Quo Band 1

The Belgian Quo Band

An unforgettable live performance with the classics of Status Quo, that’s what the Belgian Quo Band stands for! “Down Down”, “Roll over lay down”, “Caroline”, “Rockin’ all over the world” and “Whatever you want” are etched in the memories of…

Lady Gaga Tribute - Gaga's Born 9

Lady Gaga Tribute – Gaga’s Born

Es gibt nicht viele Sängerinnen, die es mit einem so gewaltigen Talent wie Lady Gaga aufnehmen und ihm gerecht werden können, aber Beth Reddy ist eine der wenigen. Gaga’s Born” ist eine unglaubliche Hommage an eine der beliebtesten Sängerinnen der…

AC/DC Tribute Band - AC/DX 140

AC/DC Tribute Band – AC/DX

Other bands play electric guitars – AC/DX. are true energy! Who does not know them? Bon Scott, Angus Young, Brian Johnson – the gods of rock’n’roll from down under. Songs of the caliber of “Thunderstruck”, “Highway To Hell” or “Hells…

The Magic of Santana 186

The Magic of Santana

Whether he’s playing his Latin rock, poppy, soulful, bluesy or jazzy, there’s one thing that guitar legend Carlos Santana’s music and his distinctive sound has always been said to be over the course of his 50+ year career – that…

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