Open Air Summer on the Glockenspitze:

You can’t believe your own ears and eyes when lead singer Dominik Feist from the tribute band “Der Udonaut & die Paniker” enters the stage. Is this the right Udo Lindenberg? The full-sounding, slightly nasal voice color, the relaxed gestures and facial expressions, even the sock and wristband colors are exactly like the original. And just as Lindenberg always delivers a super show with his panic orchestra, “Der Udonaut und die Paniker” bring the atmosphere at the Altenkirchen Glockenspitze to a boil in no time. In a performance lasting almost three hours, the band from Hamburg embarks on a musical journey through time with the best hits from the Lindenberg era.

Open Air Summer on the Glockenspitze: 1

Both rock songs like “Bunte Republik Deutschland” and softer classics like “Cello” are performed. Many spectators of different ages will witness a fiery spectacle of rock music that evening. The band is also thrilled by the good mood at their first live concert after the Corona break: “It’s going off like a suppository in Altenkirchen,” croons the “Udonaut” in Lindenberg’s typically washed-out, eggnog-oiled voice. All present, band, spectators and organizers of the Open-Air Summer put on by Haus Felsenkeller, you can tell how happy they are to finally be able to experience concerts again. During the individual songs, each member of the Paniker demonstrates his or her talent.

For example, pianist Jens Pape demonstrates his incredible dexterity on the piano, while bassist Christian Hähnel, Roland “Richie” Milke on the ukulele and guitarist Oliver Schröder show off their skills in perfectly coordinated instrumental sequences. “Udonaut” Dominik Feist and Jasmin Antic convince with their particularly full-sounding and powerful voices.

In between songs, Feist also likes to talk to the audience, belting out many of Lindenberg’s classic catchphrases, which leads to a few laughs.
Drummer Julien Kravetz provides the right beat and organist Chris Hartel brings the accordion to life on “Goodbye Sailor.” Dominik Feist loves slipping into the role of Lindenberg. “I’ve always been a ramp person and live and feel the performance as Udo,” Feist says. As an audience member, you can see the band’s love for the songs and their enthusiasm for Udo Lindenberg. The fat encore at the end speaks for itself.

By Lina Sophie Schmidt July 6, 2021, 1:36 pm

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