The udonaut and the panics chased away the rain

The summer of culture on the Glockenspitze is taking off: The “Udonaut and his Paniker” brought the sound of “Panikrocker” Udo Lindenberg himself to Altenkirchen – and satisfied their own hunger for live performances as well as the appetite of the audience.

The udonaut and the panics chased away the rain 1
Photos: Wolfgang Rabsch

Altenkirchen. Before the band was let loose, Helmut Nöllgen welcomed the numerous fans on the beautifully prepared area at the Glockenspitze. As with all the visitors, their eyes kept going up to the dark clouds that were brewing menacingly over the festival grounds. First of all, Helmut Nöllgen was right with his appeal to the weather gods: During the entire concert, not a drop fell on the heads of the visitors.

The concert of “Udonaut und die Paniker”, on the other hand, had it all: from the first second, everyone in the audience felt that the band wanted to work off the energy and power that had been piled up over the long wait. There was no long prelude, hit after hit the musicians slammed hit after hit into the audience. It is seldom the case that the spark at a concert immediately jumps over to the visitors, but here that was the case. In conversation with the “Udonaut Before the panic rockers from Hamburg took to the big stage on the grounds of the Kultursommer near the Glockenspitze in Altenkirchen, the AK-Kurier had the opportunity to talk to Dominik Feist. He is the voice of the band and slips into the role of Udo Lindenberg on stage. In the summary Dominik Feist explained what fans can read on the band’s homepage: “We are inspired by the work of Udo Lindenberg. From his songs speaks unfiltered human warmth, deep respect and political stance. His work is stylistically incredibly diverse, the songs so different in their musical language, and yet they are all genuine. Udo Lindenberg is probably the most unpredictable musical constant in our language area. He’s been doing his thing unflinchingly for 50 years on aberrations, he inspires us, he stirs us, stirs us up and we somehow magically become part of his big panic family when listening to and playing his music.” Dominik, the “Udonaut,” described the time during the pandemic as follows: “It was quite bad, we need the contact with the audience like the air to breathe. We did two live stream concerts, but that was no substitute for our live concerts. That’s why we’re on fire today for our first gig after a year and a half of abstinence here in Altenkirchen.” Enthusiastic audience Also the audience obviously had a strong pent-up demand for live concerts, almost every song was sung along, soon you could see the first visitors dancing, every song was celebrated enthusiastically. For two and a half hours the band thrilled the audience with a veritable staccato of the greatest Udo Lindenberg hits. Here is a small selection, because it is impossible to list all the hits: “Ich mach’ mein Ding”, “Ich lieb’ Dich überhaupt nicht mehr”, “Und dann knallst du in mein Leben”, “Cello”, “Hinterm Horizont”, “Andrea Doria”, also the “Sonderzug nach Pankow” was launched.

There was no boredom at any second of the concert, as the band skillfully mixed hard rock with sensitive ballads. If you just held hands and got goosebumps during “Das Leben” (duet of “Udonaut” and Jasmin Antic), afterwards you were torn out of all dreams by hammer-hard rock during “Rock’n’Roller”. During love songs like “Das Mädchen aus Ostberlin” and “Durch schwere Zeiten” lighters and cell phones were held up, it was like an invisible band between band and audience, a symbiosis.

Source. Courier Altenkrichen
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