Open Air Summer on the Glockenspitze:

You can’t believe your own ears and eyes when lead singer Dominik Feist from the tribute band “Der Udonaut & die Paniker” enters the stage. Is this the right Udo Lindenberg? The full-sounding, slightly nasal voice color, the relaxed gestures…

Adventure land in Stuckenbrock 17

Adventure land in Stuckenbrock

The Pur cover band “Abenteuerland” plays in the Eventhalle Niebel. The musicians from Braunschweig give themselves close to the fan and authentic. Guests want the pure classics.Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. Women’s Carnival? It is played pure. Student party? Sometime after two in…

A journey to the "Adventure Land 19

A journey to the “Adventure Land

Beckum (egg) – “Abenteuerland” – the song text of “Pur” did not only give the name to this cover band, it was program at the appearance of “Abenteuerland” on Beckums market place. The five-piece band from Braunschweig with frontman Carsten…

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